How to Join


Children’s Choir. Send a message to our Children’s Choir Administrative Coordinator at to reserve your spot or for more information on how to join.

No audition is required for Joyful Songsters.

The Community Choirs of Huntington County provides a positive learning experience for our children and adults–one they will carry with them throughout their lifetime.  The members of the choir should learn the meanings of “commitment” and “responsibility.”  They should feel a sense of pride at being in this choir and not take their membership lightly.  Enrollment in CCHC is for the season (September-April) and each member is expected to remain active and committed to the program for the entire term.  In addition, there are several optional summer opportunities and events.  Choir participation provides an excellent avenue for individuals to develop lasting, cooperative relationships with other choir members and directors and a life-long love and appreciation for music.

Questions? Contact our Choir Coordinator at